In Canada, the technology sector’s demand for skilled employees continues to grow exponentially. I’m proud that at Cisco, we are committed to enhancing the skills and depth of our technology workforce by ensuring all Canadians have access to digital skills training.

I’m even more proud of how we are doing it. This June, Cisco Canada announced a new partnership with Lifeline Syria and NPower Canada to train newcomer youth with the skills required to launch digital careers.

Over the next three years, 500 newcomers aged 18-29 will participate in NPower Canada’s workforce development program – 15 weeks of intensive tech training provided at no cost by the Cisco Networking Academy. This combined with soft skills training, industry certification, job placement and alumni services. Lifeline Syria will play a pivotal role by referring and bringing together young, deserving Syrian newcomers and refugees to enroll in, and benefit from, NPower Canada’s program. Graduates will then be connected to internships, putting them on the paths to worthwhile careers with some of Canada’s largest employers – hopefully including Cisco Canada!

At our announcement, the audience heard from our current NPower intern, Snehal Khaire, who spoke passionately about the hope she feels as she begins her career.

 “I’ve been through many highs and lows since arriving in Canada, but I am so happy and thankful for where I am today. I know this is just the beginning of a long and meaningful career in Canada.”

This announcement is the next step in our partnerships with NPower Canada and Lifeline Syria. I am so proud to see these two organizations collaborating to grow their impact and solve the career challenges faced by newcomers.

This announcement truly embodies our mission to join with like-minded organizations to build bridges to the possible. We believe that anything is possible with a bridge to get you there. That no dream can’t be realized, no outcome impossible.

To the newcomers who will be part of this program – welcome. I am honoured to be part of the team that will help you begin a career in technology.

This is especially near and dear to my heart as an immigrant who moved to Canada 30 years ago with nothing but the desire to make something of myself.  I fully understand the challenges and tribulations that comes with altering the environment one is accustomed to and building yourself from scratch. I always describe myself as a proud Lebanese and a grateful Canadian AND NOW IT’S MY TIME TO RETURN IT – BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO LEARN IT – EARN IT – RETURN IT. And we have to all return it together because no one can do it alone. 

Government on their own can’t do this, corporations on their own can’t do this, and educators and the public sector on their own can’t do this.Weneed to bridge the gap.  Today it gives me a great pleasure to say that Cisco can be the bridge between government, between academics and between every single refugee and immigrant.”

To learn more about NPower Canada, click here. To learn more about Lifeline Syria, click here.



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