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Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the economic engines of the Asia Pacific region. They account for half of the region’s GDP; 70% of the total workforce; and a whopping 90% of all enterprises!

However, with digital disruption occurring at massive scale, today’s SMBs face a future that’s increasingly competitive and unpredictable. They’re also at risk of cyber attack and the threat shouldn’t be underestimated just because of their size.

Recently, we released a global security report that focused on SMBs and the results were alarming, with those surveyed saying they received up to 5,000 security alerts a day on average. Our research also found that 53% of midmarket companies have experienced a breach; and 20% said that breaches cost them US$1 million to US$2.5 million.

So how do small and medium businesses remain competitive, efficient and agile in today’s digital era? How do they protect their margins and “do more with less”? And how do they harness technology that’s simple, smart and secure to scale their business?

Listen to this podcast with TechWise TV host, Robb Boyd; Cisco’s Vice President for Commercial in Asia Pacific, Japan and China (APJC), Bastiaan Toeset; and Managing Director for Security in APJC, Stephen Dane, to get technology and cybersecurity insights for small and mighty business!

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